To Hell and Beyond
The Trip

The Lord truely blessed our trip to Hell. Amidst what has been recorded as one of the wettest Februaries of this century, we were blessed with perfect weather for stargazing. The sky was perfectly clear. The stars were amazingly bright and numerous, making us truely realize why our galaxy is called the Milky Way.

As we approached Hell, driving Eastbound on Interstate 10, we looked for signs of Hell. As we came closer and closer to Hell, the only signs we saw said "Rough Road" and "Loose Gravel." We anxiously awaited our arrival at the next exit, so we could drive on the road to Hell (as opposed to Stairway to Heaven.) We were disappointed to learn that the road which was supposed to lead us to Hell did not exist. There was no sign pointing to Hell. There was no road to Hell. Hell was truely hidden.

We then drove westbound on Interstate 10 to the point closest to Hell, hoping to get a glimpse of Hell from afar. When we got there, we found that we were seperated from Hell by a barbed wire fence.

Top Ten things seen in Hell from afar
By Jonathan Schaus and Rick Scholz

  1. Erie silence
  2. Sagebrush
  3. Deep ditches separating us from Hell
  4. A barbed wire fence separating us from Hell
  5. A lone tree -- We think it's there to hold up the fence.
  6. Dirt
  7. Loose gravel
  8. Rocks
  9. Darkness
  10. A seemingly drunk guy asking us if we were lost.

Reflections on what we didn't find...

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